Privacy Statement

Our policy statement and information gathered

Our policy statement covers Falcon Fabrications use of personal information that the website collects when you visit, Our policy statement also provides you with information about cookies; Falcon Fabrication and third parties’ use of cookies; and how you may reject such cookies if you wish to do so.

There are certain areas throughout our site that you will be asked to submit personal information about yourself (e.g. name, email address and telephone number) in order to receive or use services on our website. Such services include single and multiple orders of falconry products and replies to e-mails that you may have sent us via either your e-mail client or our on-line contact form. When supplying us with your details in the fields requested within these forms, you enable us to provide you with the services you have chosen to submit to. Whenever you supply us with such personal information, we will treat that information in accordance with this policy and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Falcon Fabrication will never share the information you have submitted to us with any third party site.


We have a secure server, of which is used to encrypt the information you provide us, in particular, on our Shopping Basket system. All information sent to us via the Shopping Basket system is securely encrypted and is held on a secure database. Payment information after use is permanently encrypted further and cannot be decrypted by Falcon Fabrication or anyone else thereafter.


Whilst visiting our web site, “cookies” may be downloaded automatically to your computer. A “cookie” is a small piece of information sent by a web server to store on a web browser so it can later be read back from that browser. This is useful for having the browser remember some specific information.

An example is when a browser stores your passwords and user ID’s. They are also used to store preferences of start pages, both Microsoft and Netscape use cookies to create personal start page. An HTTP Cookie cannot be used to get data from your hard drive, get your email address or steal sensitive information about yourself. Early implementations of Java and JavaScript could allow people to do this but for the most part these security leaks have been plugged. But HTTP Cookie can be used to track where you travel over a particular site. This site tracking can be easily done without using cookies as well, using cookies just makes the tracking data a little more consistent.

If you want to disallow cookies please find out how to do so by selecting your browser type from the list below:

Falcon Fabrication cannot be held responsible for any content contained within any of the third party sites listed above.

Use of the information we gather and our rights

In general terms, the information you provide us will only be used within the company and by its employees. Your information will be disclosed where we are obliged or permitted by law. Also, if you post or send offensive, inappropriate or objectionable content anywhere on our web site or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on our web site then we can use whatever information that is available to it about you to stop such behaviour and take legal action. Information you provide whilst using our on-line contact form is sent to our secure e-mail address on a remote computer to which all e-mails received are scanned for virus’, and such, all e-mails replied to are scanned for virus’ before being sent out.

Information that you provide when you post on our public guestbook can only be altered or deleted by the site owner. If you wish for any posts submitted to our guestbook to be deleted or altered in any way, please contact us directly.

Accessing your personal information

You have exclusive rights to access any personal information we hold about you on our system in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. If you would like a copy of this information, please do so in writing to our company address to which can be located here.

Falcon Fabrication has the rights to update / amend our privacy statement at anytime without notice.