57mm Hood Block Sm F/HarrisF/ PeregrineM/3/4 Gyr PeregrineM/SakerF/Prairie
September 9, 2016
62mm Hood BlockSm M/RedtailF/SakerF/Gyr X Prairie
September 9, 2016
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60mm Hood BlockSmall GyrkinF/ Gyr X PeregrineF/European Goshawk


Small Gyrkin/Female Gyr X Peregrine/Female European Goshawk

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Our Dutch Hood blocks are cast from polyurethane resin to provide years of use! supplied with a paper pattern should you wish to make your very own hood of simply need a block to keep the shape of the hood?

Just a thought! Out of shape or poor fitting hood is not good practice, its worse that you wearing the wrong size shoes all day??

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Weight 100 g
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