4: Astroturf ™ 36″ X 2 Mtr’s(91cm x 2 Mtr’s)
August 29, 2016
L4 – 1.4 to 1.6mm Natural Veg Tan ¼ Skin – (Large raptors, Approximately 2 sq ft)
August 29, 2016
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A6- Acorn Bells Size 6
American Kestrels, Sparrow Hawks or similar
Average weight 2.5g


American Kestrels, Sparrow Hawks or similar

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Made from 50% Nickel/Silver & 50% Brass to produce a nice clear ring tone… this bell will last for season after season!

These are a high quality bell made from a combination of nickel/silver and brass.
They are soldered using 57% sliver solder to allow the ring tone to flow through the bell joint, before they get hand polished to a high standard

This combination of materials is used to produce a long life span bell with a nice clear loud tone for seasons after season.


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Weight 50 g