A4- Standard Plastic Shelf perch
With genuine Astroturf™
August 29, 2016
2: Astroturf ™ 36″ x 24″ (91cm x 61cm)
August 29, 2016
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A5- Lahore Bells Size 1 Sparrow Hawk, Kestrels or similar


Sparrow Hawk, Kestrels or similar

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These are an imported bell from Lahore Pakistan!

One of the oldest falconry bells around; having stood the test of time the Lahore bell is an old favourite with falconers world wide mainly down to the price!
Nice ring tone and very affordable! Colours sometimes may vary from brass to silver.

Suitable for female Sparrow Hawks, Kestrels & Merlin’s or similar.


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Weight 50 g