A1- 12v Box cooling Fan
March 18, 2018
B8- Arab Style static solid PVC Block12″ (30cm) Eagle / Vulcher
August 25, 2018
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B7- Arab Style static solid PVC Block10″ (25cm) Small Male Eagle Very Large Female Falcon


Not a Cheap Pakistan Import!

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Engineered By us Precession machined using SOLID Black P.V.C bringing that Falconer the ultimate block perch that will never need replacing!

We are so confident that you will not find a PVC block to our standard any where else.

This block will last any falconer a lifetime! Made from solid machined Black PVC, this block is not only unbreakable but will never rot split or need treating in anyway!

The Base plate is produced from 12mm steal then galvanised to provide a protective rust free surface.
With practicality in mind we have incorporated a solid 304 grade stainless shaft running through the entire block, with the added advantage of the precession laser cut stainless steel rotating plate positioned just above the ground to prevent tail damage due to bating!


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Weight 4000 g

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