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August 29, 2016
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August 29, 2016
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B4- Plastic Transit Box Double Small


Sparrow hawks, Kestrels, Barn Owls or similar

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Our ultimate Bird Of Prey transport system is made to the highest of standards with in our own workshops by qualified plastic fabricator welders.

With in the last 10 years we have produced no fewer than 9,500 Transit systems for falconers across the whole of Europe along with world wide sales from as far away as the USA, China & the Middle East.

We are Europe’s largest and most respected producer of Plastic Raptor Boxes since 2000.

What You Get?

: Solid Moulded Rubber Perch As Standard

: Cover Rear and Front Vents

: Lay Flat Carry Handle

: Plastic Robust Hinges

: Recessed floor for stability

: Drain Plug for cleaning

: “New” Now With Mat black interior to reduce reflection

: Totally Maintenance FREE!!

: Size 16”Tall 20”Wide 12” Deep (40 X 51 X 30)

: Weight 7 kg.

: Suitable for Sparrow hawks, Kestrels, Barn Owls or similar
Wooden Boxes?

Please Read the Facts on one of the biggest Killer With In Birds Of Prey!

Sadly the one of the biggest killer with in Raptors is Aspergillosis, this is a fungal Spore that attacks the trachea and air sacks with the lungs, unless the disease is caught early the result is more often than not fatal.

The most at risk are young hawks that are often in shock after being taken away from their parents, sick or injured birds that are low in condition.

These deadly fugal spores are produced by damp decaying rotting wood, as a result wooden boxes are prone to carrying the Aspergillosis spores
The more you clean them the damper they get increasing the risk of killing your hawk /falcon
Is it worth all the time as well as the expense of the wood? As well as with out knowing it putting your birds life at risk?.

To be used with our range of F10 Disinfections

Keep It Safe! Keep It Clean! Keep It Plastic!

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Weight 7000 g