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BS4 Hygiene Breed Plastic Falcon Scrape


Falcon Scrape

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Hygiene Breed Plastic Falcon Scrape system.

Our unique all plastic Falcon scrape has been designed around the commercial breeder’s requirements with hygiene, practicality and safety being the up most priority.
Product dimensions 60 cm square (2ft) X 18 cm deep (6”)
Key fetchers as well as practicality on using this system.
As well as the obvious, being made from plastic, easy to maintain and clean! There are a lot more significant advantages and facts in using this system as opposed to wooded ledges that are more often than not More Expensive to produce & build.
: Fully Rot proof
: Fully Washable
: Doses NOT hold odours & smells
: Does NOT hold or soak up damp or water
: Eliminates Harmful Bacteria build up
: FREE from fungal wood spores that is the source of the deadly Aspergillus affecting most raptors, the most affected being Gyr Falcons & Gyr Hybrids in poorly vented breeding chambers
: Larder Beatles a common pest for breeders are unable to burrow and lay eggs like they do in wooden systems
: Tapered floor allowing any watery mutes and fluids to run to the centre and drain through a central drain hole
These are just a few advantages that are beneficial to clean and safe breeding environment with in captive Raptor Breeding.

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