A9- 1220 mm (4ft) Falcon / Hawk ledge perch
Fitted with Genuine Astro Turf™
August 29, 2016
A2 – Single thickness short cuff glove
Great long wing glove
August 29, 2016
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A-2 Casting JacketLarge


female Harris, Goshawk, large Falcons or similar

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This has been designed for the safety for both the bird and the falconer! Made from breathable canvas, this casting jacket is easy and safe to use! The elasticated velcro-straps make it virtually impossible for the bird to injure its self or escape free!

Ideal for replacing anklets / coping / attaching tail bells or administering First Aid safely!

Suitable for female Harris, Goshawk, large Falcons or similar.

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Weight 80 g