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August 29, 2016
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August 29, 2016
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A3- Hi Viz Pest Control
Falconry Vest


Commercial pest control

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Hi Visibility pest control falconry vest… Designed for pest control use where Hi-Viz is compulsory…. Setting the professional approach!!

Here at Falcon Fabrication we are not just committed to providing quality falconry equipment to the falconer in the field along with falconry centres, we also cover and supply commercial pest control needs.
Birds of Prey are now a major part in the pest control service from the landfill sites to private companies, food processing plants along with most premiership football clubs and many more.
That is why Falcon Fabrication has long been the choice of professional commercial companies as we are the only manufacture to recognise there needs.
We have been the choice of companies such as NBC the largest avian pest control company, along with Rentokil, BH Environmental services and many more!

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