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HC1 First Aid Kit For Falconry


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This first aid kit has been prepared by Veterinary pharmacy distributions for Falcon Fabrication; it contains everything you need to administer fist aid in the field or at home.

Essential item for all falconers! Supplied with simple instruction sheet and sturdy plastic storage box.



: Electrolyte solution 20ml

: Potassium Permanganate Crystals 20g

: Glucose Powder 20g

: Nu-gel

: Bandaging tape 50mm x4.5m stretched

: Elastic adhesive conforming bandage 4cm x 4m

: Leg splint

: Disposable syringe 2ml

: Disposable syringe 10ml

: Clear plastic syringe crop tube

: Exposure blanket

: Fresh water container

: Cotton buds (10)


: Use the Electrolyte solution diluted 1 part to 11 parts fresh water in cases where the bird is in shock after injury. Dose 10ml of diluted per kg of body weight

. : Administrator Glucose Powder dissolved in water by “crop tubing” where the bird are fitting due to being low on energy. Low body weight or have not been eating. Keep warn and quite for up to 15 minutes.

: Use of Potassium Permanganate for small areas of bleeding. Moisten a cotton bud with clean water and pick up a few crystals and apply to the point of bleeding (Do not use near eyes)

: Use of Povidone Antiseptic for open wounds after first washing with clean water, until your local vet can treat the bird. Dilute to 1 parts with 10 parts water before use, and cover the wound with Nu-gel.


This kit is not meant to replace professional veterinary advice; it is for emergency care only until professional advice is obtained from your veterinary surgeon.

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