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HC2 F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant
Supper concentrated


Supper concentrated

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F10 SC is the most used and trusted veterinary disinfectant on the market!……. Highly effective……. And the most cost affective you will come across… Just a small 100ml bottle makes a massive 50 litre’s

F10SC is a veterinary disinfectant, which achieves a broad-spectrum kill of potentially harmful microorganisms. It is active against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. It is an excellent product for achieving a high level of bio security effectively and safely, as it poses no hazard to you and is completely safe to use in presence of animals when used at recommended concentrations.

What is F10SC used for?

F10SC is used for effective and safe general disinfections of all hard surfaces (such as equipment, transport boxes, floors and cages), and for animal housekeeping procedures (such as the cleaning of food and water bowls). F10SC can be sprayed on and left to disinfect after cleaning.

The recommended dilution rates of F10SC

These dilution rates mean that F10 is one of the most cost-effective disinfectant ranges on the market.

General disinfections at 1:500 (2ml in 1 litre)

High-level disinfections against bacteria, fungi and most viruses at 1:250 (4ml to 1 litre)

For use against the most resistant viruses such as Parvovirus or PBFD at 1:125 (8ml in 1 litre)


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