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HC4- FAL Pro Vit + Super Concentrate 100ml
The easiest Liquid vitamin to administer
To Be Used All Year


To Be Used All Year

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This is the most concentrated liquid falconry vitamin on the market today! ….. Designed and produced by pharmaceutical veterinary dispensary to provide easy administration liquid Vitamin concentrate…. Why Use Hard to administer powder vitamin??


This is a highly concentrated liquid multi-vitamin. It is to be used throughout the year and contains rapidly bio-available vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

FAL-PRO VIT+ is an excellent source of the essential minerals for year round good health. (This product contains revolutionary BNT – essential for cell construction!)

What is BNT? (Biosol Nucleotide Technology)

Nucleotides are naturally occurring chemical compounds, which are the structural units of DNA and RNA, the genetic building blocks of all living organisms.

The nutritional benefits of nucleotides in cell generation are well researched and recognised through out the world.

Metabolic regulation.

Nucleotides are important for energy storage and transfer, ‘acid’ handling, synthesis and breakdown of large molecules. Promotes good gut function.

Nucleotides help the gut by promoting the growth of ‘good’ bacteria, which protect the gut against harmful bacteria.

Allows tissue to grow rapidly,

The growth process increases the demand for nucleotides for Tissue repair, Nucleotides have promoted tissue repair in a number of animal studies. Develops a healthy immune system. Separate studies have demonstrated that a nucleotide-supplemented diet improved the survival rate of birds challenged by viral infection and mice exposed to bacterial infection.

Recovery from stress

The negative effects of stress hormones can increase the body’s need for nucleotides.

Safe alternative to antibiotics due to the fact that Nucleotides are naturally-occurring, safe and free from harmful, and any long-term effects.

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