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August 29, 2016
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HC5– ELECTRO+BOOST Concentrate 250ml
To be used during Hunting/Training


used during Hunting/Training

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Use ELECTRO+BOOST before and after hunting, training and demonstrations…. Want to push your hawk / falcon to the next limit? … Electro+Boost has specially been developed by veterinary pharmacy to Re-Hydrate quickly during hunting, training & sickness.

The Electro boost Super Concentrate helps to maintain your bird’s proper electrolyte balance, which may be affected by conditions such as diseases, general/intense exercise, dehydration or other metabolic disturbances such as shock.

Use this product before and after hunting, training and flying demonstrations to gain the maximum performance from captive raptors!

To be use during and after hunting along with intensive exercise, as well as sick raptors to quickly help restore their natural metabolic system.


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